Install Package Control in Sublime Text 2

I’m not going to sell you on why Sublime Text 2 is the best IDE. If you want to know why you can check out the Net Tuts+ article.

If you are installing Sublime on Linux you can follow these great installation steps.

Once installed, Sublime offers a list of great plugins to enhance your IDE experience. The only downside is Sublime does not natively allow plugin installation. You need to run the following command in Sublime in order to access Package Control from within the software.

Press CTRL + ` to open the command prompt inside of Sublime. Then execute the following command:

import urllib2,os;pf='Package Control.sublime-package';ipp=sublime.installed_packages_path();os.makedirs(ipp) if not os.path.exists(ipp) else None;open(os.path.join(ipp,pf),'wb').write(urllib2.urlopen(''+pf.replace(' ','%20')).read())

Restart Sublime.

To install packages press CTRL + SHIFT + P while in Sublime and you will see a list of options. Start typing “install” and you should see “Package Control: Install Packages”

If you see Errno 13 Permission Denied you need to change the permissions of that directory. Use the following command then try again.

sudo rm -R ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Installed\ Packages/


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