Disable Double-tap Shift to Caps Lock on Lenovo Carbon X1 in Ubuntu 13.10 and beyond

There are a number of controversial changes to the new Lenovo Carbon X1 keyboards.


The function keys were replaces with a digital function bar, Backspace and Delete are sharing space, Tilde and the Apostrophe and moved down by the arrows and the Page Up and Down buttons are wrapped around the arrow keys.

While this layout messes me up from time to time it has done one thing for which I am forever grateful. Removed the Caps Lock button.

What a useless button. Amiright? Seriously, in a million keystrokes how many times do you intentionally hit that button? Even when I’m doing all caps I hold the Shift key.

lenovo-carbon-x1-home-end-caps-lock-shiftThe biggest problem I have with the new Carbon X1 form Lenovo is that they made a Caps Lock substitution.

Double tapping the Shift key activates Caps Lock. How frustrating! Sometimes I double tap shift when I’m thinking. Other times on accident.

But there is hope. You can disable the Double-tap Shift to Caps Lock in Ubuntu 13.10. (In previous versions you could manage this easily under Layouts > Options > Caps Lock Behavior)

The answer lies in Gnome Tweak Tools. If you already have it you can skip this part.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Go to Typing and change “Caps Lock key behavior” from “Disabled” to “Caps Lock is disabled.” I’m not sure what the difference is semantically but it works.

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