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Wordle Print Sheet

Years after its release my seven year old is still obsessed with Wordle.

It wasn’t enough that I made Squirdle, a Pokemon-based Wordle knock-off where you have to guess the Pokemon team.

He wanted to come up with his own words. This way he could use characters from his favourite video games and shows in addition to boring old words from the dictionary.

A downloadable template for creating your own paper Wordle game

To play:

  • print off the sheet (double-sided if you like to save paper)
  • write in your guesses
  • colour the blocks with some crayons or pencil leads or markers
    • grey for wrong letters
    • yellow for correct letters in the wrong place
    • green for correct letters in the right place
  • cross out the letters that have been used on the bottom

Here is a PDF version of the sheet

Example of how to use to the printed sheet
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